What Is Meant By Geelong Cats?

The Geelong football club, also known as Geelong cats is a professional and famous football club. This club is very famous and trained just like Sydney swans football club. This club is being in Geelong, Victoria in Australia. There is a sports competition league known as Australian football league, commonly known as AFL, and the Geelong cats fights against this AFL. Sydney swans football club entered the market and starts Sydney swans shop, AFLinitiated afl store online in melbourne and AFL merchandise, same like that Geelong cats started Geelong cats shop.

History of Geelong cats:

Geelong cats club laid its foundations in 1859. The first oldest club in the football history of Australia is Melbourne and the Geelong cats is the second oldest football club in Australia and one of the oldest football clubs in the whole world. Geelong participated in a premiership for the very first time in Australia. In 1877, Geelong cats’ football club laid the foundation of Victorian Football Association (VFA) which is active till now. And in 1897, Geelong cats football club laid the foundation of Victorian Football League (VFL), which is now has become national AFL.

This is a record of Geelong cats’ football club that it has won seven consecutive Victorian football leagues (VFL). In 1963, Geelong football club won six VFL premierships. There is a long gap of 44 years of its victory, after this big gap, Geelong football club achieve a great victory of record breaking 119 scores in a match in Australian football league in 2007. Richmond football club merchandise sponsored for this club many times throughout its history. Geelong football club also won premierships in 2009 and 2011.

Most of the games and matches of the Geelong cats football club have been played in their home which is which is KARDINIA park while all other matches were held in Melbourne cricket stadium. Their symbolic uniform color is navy blue and white for all the time. There is a reason behind the word ‘cat’ in its name that is after continuous losses someone suggest them to bring a black cat fir their good luck so they also added it in its name as a nickname. Geelong cats’ football club also fields some other teams as well, most of the different teams of women sports teams like senior women teams, reserves women teams.

Geelong cats shop:

During the period of its victory and achievements Geelong cat’s football club have taken an initiative and laid the foundations of Geelong cats shop. Geelong cats shop serves the customers with the dresses, t-shirts, trousers, caps, bags, playing kits and many more items possessing the official tags and symbols of this club. This was supported by the fans and followers of the club. Richmond football club merchandising also support this club at different occasions. AFL store also help them out in the promotion of their work and place.