A Short Guide To Planning An Engagement Party

Planning an engagement party can be a quite an experience for the bride-to-be and its preparations traditionally undertaken by the bride’s parents. In more modern times most couples plan out the event by themselves – sometimes with the help of an event planner if the party is to be held at a larger scale. However, by keeping things organised along with some careful planning, you can create a fun and memorable experience as well.

The Dates And Timing

Now couples simply select dates based on their own convenience rather than having the engagement party at least six weeks after the proposal. You will also need to decide on a date based on how available the most important people in your life will be, and depending on who else will be attending from work or your social life. It is also important to decide when the event will be held – for example, a day-time event over the weekend or a stylish evening cocktail party are some ideas to take into consideration. 

Where Should You Host The Event?

When looking at venue, try not to get overwhelmed with so many options and try to get recommendations from friends or family members who have had successful engagement parties. You can look into recommendations from friends or places you have gone to previously, such as popular New Year’s or Christmas party venues Melbourne. Even having an outdoor or rooftop event with some good lighting can create an elegant atmosphere as well.

Create A Budget

Take the time to create a proper budget so that you can avoid over-spending. List out everything from the decorations to the food preparations and guest lists so that you can create an effective budget. Decide on what your most important requirements are – so you can select a proper menu and entertainment if necessary as well. Decide if the venue is worth the amount you are spending on – for example a waterfront restaurant would give you a great view with a pleasant environment and you can save on the decorations if necessary.

How Formal Should Things Be?

Do remember that the engagement party should not over-shadow the actual wedding – so take the time to sit down and discuss things with your partner on what kind of party you want to have. An engagement party can simply be a small group of friends at a favourite restaurant or sophisticated party The formality will depend on your own tastes, and mostly how you wish to celebrate one of the most memorable events in your life.