Mauviel Products Are Now Available At Phillip & Lea

As a provider of cooking utensils and tools for gardening and hunting, Peter & Lea have in store products of numerous national and international brands including many top French cookware brands; one among them is Mauviel, whose entire collection is out there for sale on online and on ground stores of Phillip & Lea. In case you are interested in buying products manufactured by Mauviel, you can now with extreme ease browse through all of them at the retailers store and select the one you want. In addition is the catalogue attached, you can click on the link on the webpage and view the detailed features and dimensions of all products and can even download the catalogue for viewing it later while discussing with spouse or parents on what to buy. 

Once you have decided what you want to buy then all you have to do is place your order by adding the six digit code and sending your email at the following email id: info Le parfait preserving jars and they will respond you with a confirmation. Is the range of products by Mauviel is unlimited, they may therefore contact you over Skype to be sure of the model and item number and the price in case there is any discount being offered so that there is no mistake in your order before it is dispatched from the store.

If you are one of those who are hundred percent sure of what they want to purchase, then there are no worries, but there will also be those among buyers who will encounter difficulties in the process of ordering as they are confused as what to order and what not as the number of options available online are never ending. Hence, our advice to these buyers would be to not be carried away by the oomph of the online world and just stick to the product that you wanted to buy in the first place, just cater to your need, and the rest will all surely fall into place.

Time and again Phillip & Lea grant discounts over products bought in bulk and especially on products by nice Mauviel copper cookware, for instance if you buy more than nine sets of cooking sets by the brand you get twenty percent of the retail price being wavered off due to discount. Similarly if you buy more than a dozen products by the same brand i.e. Mauviel, thirty percent of the retail price is wavered off as per the discount scheme.

You can avail these and many other advantages by visiting the stores in Fitzroy. The store in Fitzroy is open on all days except Thursday which is an off for all: buyers, purchasers and workers. From Monday to Friday the timings of the store are from eleven am to six pm and on Saturday and Sunday it is open during ten am to four pm. If you have any queries you can call them on this number: 03 9417 0752 or end them an email at the following email id: