Official Structural Pallet Racking Audits Adelaide

Cantilever racking Adelaide

Warehouses and storage platforms are one of the biggest accommodation centers present as a major part of the construction business. These are occupied by different sized and shaped racks, pallets and planks which are installed at different locations in the storage area. The racks and pallets used in such places are fully dependent over the time of materials or accommodates that will be placed over. The structure and size of the material will govern the type of rack pallet that will be employed for storage purposes. However, this confirmation or later evaluation of the appropriate pallet structure can be done by pallet racking audits Adelaide. This is a complete inspection of the structural and functional parameters of the entire set-up of racking involved mainly through visual manner. A different and uniquely manufactured type of rack system is the cantilever racking Adelaide which is compatible to store and locate long vertically length products which are commonly not apt for bays setting. Thus, in cantilever, from positioning of racks to the products being stored over them are entirely different from the usual racking system.

Pallet racking audits Adelaide

Shelving and racking composition is the basic component for a warehouse or storage area. It must be compatible with the type of goods being stored in the space. In order to assure of the safety and reliability with types of pallets and racks employed with materials, pallet racking audits Adelaide is highly appreciated.

Pallet racking audits Adelaide is a type of official inspection conducted in different sheds, warehouses and shipping storages. It is a thorough visual, structural and functional examination of the pallets and racks installed along with additional structural accessories like nuts and bolts utilized in the set-up. This defines the efficacy of the rack system that either it can withstand the load of the stored goods.

Cantilever racking Adelaide

Another rack management is the cantilever racking Adelaide which is designed and installed in a way that it manifests the storage of bulky and heavy weight objects. The setting of pallets is also different in this type of racking system, as it involves limited number of pallets like one deep pallet in a row. Cantilever racking Adelaide is composed of steel and aluminum sheets, tubes, pipes, racks and pallets. It is a flexible rack installation which allows direct access to the stored products.

Cantilever racking Adelaide is manufactured in a way that it can effectively handle the weight of about 50 to 60,000 pounds. This set-up is more of free from vertical obstructions as it is supplied with no supportive tensile strength. It is basically a cantilever beam installed at one end of the large vertical rack structure.


Pallet racking audits Adelaide is done in order to assure that the pallets and racks present at warehouse is suitable and safe for storage purposes. Cantilever racking Adelaide is more appropriate for occupying and storing large products like hardware or machinery tools.