Things You Should Know When Your Time Of Month Is Near

Love it or hate it periods are something that females have to put up with it. Therefore individuals think that bloating and cramps are also something that we have to endure. That is because from a young age we have experienced these symptoms on a monthly basis. But that does not mean we have to endure them. If you do your research you would see that there are countless ways to combat this problem. Not only would these solution help to solve these problems. But they would also help you achieve a healthier lifestyle altogether.

Drink More Water

Sanitary disposal may have seemed like a strange art when we first got our period. But with time we have become experts at this task. Therefore similarly if you practice something long enough you can make it a routine. Therefore that is why we recommend you increase your water intake. When you drink more water you can help reduce bloating. This would then help you ease the pain of your periods. Furthermore, this is a habit that you should continue every day. That is because drinking water helps to flush out toxins from the body. Furthermore, this is a liquid that contains no sugar and no calories. Therefore it cannot have any adverse reactions on your body.

Improve Your Diet

Just like a germophobic would crave hygiene services you would crave junk food when on your period. But while this food will help ease your cravings they would not be doing any good for your symptoms. Instead what you need to do is consume anti-inflammatory food. Furthermore, you should also increase your healthy fat and calcium intake. Moreover, it would help ease your symptoms altogether if you consume a balanced diet. But this is not something that you should practice only when you are on your period. Instead, this is something that you should practice all year long. We know it would be impossible for you to cut your sugary food. Therefore that is not what we are recommending. Instead, we are asking the readers to pay attention to portion sizes. Everything should be consumed in moderation even the healthy food.


We know that exercise is the last thing on your mind when you are on your period. You ordinarily want to stay in bed during this time. But many women claim that exercise eases up their cramps. However, we are not suggesting you start with something strenuous. Instead, you can begin by taking a walk every day and then slowly increase the intensity. Therefore with the help of these tips, you can make this time pain free for you.